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Christmas in April! Cocaine Plops Out of Stuffed Reindeer at Donation Center

Drug traffickers are awfully creative. They’ve transported mind-altering substances in everything from breast implants to tamales to an X-box. Given that drugs like cocaine are tiny and often in powdered form, it isn’t hard to stash them in a variety of unusual places. (It is somewhat more difficult not to get caught transporting them, however.)

The trouble with hiding drugs is that sometimes the people transporting them forget where exactly they left them, especially if they’re getting high on their own supply. (Drug dealers aren’t known for their exceptional memories.) Perhaps this was the case when someone dropped off a huge stuffed reindeer that appeared to have a bevy of cocaine in its belly at a donation center.

At a donation site in California, three bags of an “off-white powdery substance resembling cocaine wrapped in clear Saran Wrap” fell out of a plush reindeer’s underside, according to a police report. And, no, it wasn’t fake snow. Video has been circulating of the moment the drugs dropped out of the decorative animal.

The reindeer was the standing kind that you might see in a full-size display of Santa’s sleigh on someone’s lawn during the holidays. It was reportedly dumped with what a donation center worked deemed a bunch of other “weird” items.

“I was like, this person must have been rich or famous or whatever,” the worker said, according to the New York Post. We wonder what prompted them to call the cops rather than sample the goods for themselves.

Apparently, the animal wasn’t just Santa’s helper, it was a drug mule, too. We just want to know if the owners knew what they were getting rid of, or if this was one of those “Mom’s clearing out the garage and Dad’s gonna be pissed when he gets home” scenarios. One thing’s for sure: Christmas came early for somebody!

Cover Photo: New York Post