20 Irresistible Puppy GIFs to Celebrate National Puppy Day (And Make You Feel Better About the State of the World)

It’s National Puppy Day, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. As we’re bombarded non-stop by bad news (thanks, coronavirus) and remain quarantined (and utterly bored) in our homes, right now we could all use the kind of uplifting comfort that only the internet can provide – in the form of puppy GIFS. Puppies represent everything pure, sweet, and innocent. They’re rambunctious, hilarious, and so cute we could smother them with love. We could sing (err…bark) their praises all day! If it weren’t for the pain in the butt that is potty training, we’d adopt a litter of ‘em right now. If the COVID-19 doomsday coverage has you down, take a moment to scroll through these irresistible puppy images and remember that there is still some goodness in the world.

Cover Photo: Yoshihisa Fujita/MottoPet (Getty Images)

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