Food Trucks For Dogs Are Here, Don’t Act Surprised

Food trucks are nothing new — at least not for humans. But a new breed of eats on wheels is making the rounds, targeting an unlikely customer base: man’s best friend. Yes, food trucks for dogs are the latest trend in edibles. Woofbowl, a Virginia food truck, dishes up burgers, nuggets, tacos, ice cream donuts, CBD munchies, and even non-alcoholic beer to canine customers. Co-owner Ron Holloway is a veteran who suffers from PTSD. He became inspired to start the dog food truck after adopting French bulldogs to eased his PTSD symptoms.

But his venture isn’t the only one of its ilk. Other mobile dog delis, bakeries, and ice cream shops have popped up around the country. They pull into dog-friendly breweries, festivals, and dog parks. Some host canine-centric events like doggie birthday parties, bark mitzvahs, and yappy hour. And if you think dog food trucks are serving glorified versions of kibble, you’re wrong. The food can be just as fancy as that served to humans, and is often touted as being all-natural, organic, healthy, and locally sourced. Some canine chefs even cater to pups with food allergies. (Can you say “extra”?) We love our fur babies and all, but this trend is doggone nuts.

Cover Photo: TheDogPhotographer (Getty Images)

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