Mandatory Food Battles: Burgers vs. Hot Dogs

Photo:  ALEAIMAGE (Getty Images)

It’s officially summer and this means we’re in the midst of grilling season. And while there are myriad meats and vegetables suitable for the grill, it’s hard to beat the appeal of juicy hamburgers or charred hot dogs. If there are two kings of summer, they’re the iconic hot dog and the timeless excellence of a well-made burger.

Even at their most basic on a simple bun without any condiments, these grilling favorites are flavorful, memorable, and iconic. Add other ingredients and they can be out of this world in terms of flavor. And while we can agree that the hot dog and hamburger are the best foods a grill can make, which one is actually the best?

Today, we’re feeling a little squirrely, a little wild, and a little crazy. So crazy we’re going to attempt to figure out which of these summertime staples is actually the best. Keep scrolling as we delve into the pros and cons of each food item in an effort to once and for all determine the one true king of the grill.