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Miley Cyrus Uses Dildos For Decorating (We’re Waiting on Our Housewarming Party Invite!)

Home decorating is a deeply personal process. What fits one person’s aesthetic would be anathema to another’s. Some people like to be surrounded by plants. Others prefer paintings or photographs. True weirdoes hang textiles on their walls. (We kid; you do you, Instagram influencers.)

Miley Cyrus has a unique take on sprucing up the homestead. She decorates her $4.95 million mansion in Hidden Hills with…dildos.

“I like sex toys,” she said during a recent interview on Sirius XM’s Barstool Radio. “I buy them for myself, but I end up using them for interior design. Sex and interior design go actually hand in hand.”

This isn’t the first time she’s sung the praises of sex toys as home decor. “I’ll buy a dildo, and [for] more than … its operation — I don’t really wanna get in there with it because I love the way it looks on my table,” she said on Barstool Sports’ Call Her Daddy podcast. “I like vibrators, but I mostly like aesthetic.”

As someone who claims to be having “a lot of FaceTime sex,” we can see where a sex toy collection would come in, well, handy and make for a titillating background. It would certainly set the stage for “good vibes only,” and given the year we’ve just had, who doesn’t want a few more of those?

Go on with your freaky self, Miley. Just don’t forget to invite us to the housewarming party!

Cover Photos: Ian Logan and Frazer Harrison / Staff (Getty Images)

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