‘Home Alone’ Fanatic Goes a Little Overboard With His Holiday Decorations, Sculpts the Movie’s Characters Disturbingly Well

It might be surprising, but 2020 is the 30th anniversary of the classic holiday movie Home Alone. For those living under some type of large piece of granite for the last three decades, the movie centers around young Kevin McCallister who’s mistakenly left home while the rest of his family travels for Christmas vacation. His house is targeted by burglars and he bottles them with comic hilarity. It’s staple viewing every year. But that’s as far as most of us take it. Not Kevin Urrutia-O’Reilly though. He takes his love for Home Alone a few steps further.

Urrutia-O’Reilly who lives in Austin, Texas, decided to pay homage to the classic comedy by building the world’s most elaborate Home Alone-themed decorations. This includes sculptures of Kevin as well as the “Wet Bandits” Harry and Marv.

But, he didn’t just make basic mannequins and dress them up to look similar to the characters. He digitally sculpted the faces based on the actor’s actual faces before printing them out in resin. He then painted them using an airbrush as well as added facial hair and wigs.

He set the burglars up on his porch, with Kevin lurking above on the roof, seemingly ready to attack the bumbling duo at any moment. But he didn’t just recreate the three main characters, he also made a cardboard cut-out of Michael Jordan and put it in the window.

Photo: Kevin Urrutia-O’Reilly

He could have stopped there and would still have the greatest Home Alone display ever conceived. But, he had more tricks up his sleeve. He added the light-up phrase “Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal” to the chimney and has a screen playing the fake movie Angels With Dirty Souls on repeat.

Who knows how long it took to put this all together, but it’s worth it. We look forward to this movie every year and, if you’re anywhere near Austin, you can finally see it in real life.

Photo: Kevin Urrutia-O’Reilly

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