Space Karen: Elon Musk Earns Trendy Moniker After Complaining About Missing the Launch Due to COVID

By now, you’re likely aware of the term “Karen.” Definitely not a name you’d like to go by, it’s usually used to describe white women who are caught on video being racist, arrogant, rude, disrespectful, or just crazy. This week’s newest Karen isn’t a white woman, it’s actually billionaire (and most likely future supervillain) Elon Musk. And people aren’t just calling him “Karen,” they’re referring to him as “Space Karen.”

By now, you’re probably wondering why the over-the-top founder of Tesla was dubbed with such an embarrassing nickname. Well, it’s due to a number of uninformed, inaccurate tweets the inventor sent out after (possibly) testing positive for COVID-19 and being forced to miss the launch of SpaceX earlier this week.

People are calling his tweets extremely irresponsible and have lead to his new nickname. If you don’t yet see the correlation, it’s because of the simple fact that Musk might have contracted COVID and instead of just accepting it, quarantining, and watching the launch from home, he took to Twitter to complain.

Of course, he didn’t just get a new, embarrassing nickname. He also spawned a bunch of memes mocking his obvious lack of priorities.

Musk must be too busy making flame-throwers and a ridiculously expensive tequila to actually realize that there’s currently a pandemic going on all over the world.

Photo: picture alliance (Getty Images) 

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