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Americans Cannot Unsee What Happened This Week (The Miami Heat’s New Miami Vice Jerseys)

Are you man enough to wear pink? Miami Heat basketball players are. Or they’ll have to be, because the so-called girly hue is a major part of their new uniforms. Dubbed ViceVersa City Edition, the fifth and final version of the Vice campaign, the tanks and shorts feature swaths of blue gale, laser fuchsia, and “Vice Violet.” Not only are these the trademark colors of the team’s new uniforms, they’re also painted on their ViceVersa court.

Basketball fans were conflicted about their feelings over the candy-colored color scheme.

The design “honors Heat history, with traces of previous Vice uniforms featured throughout. ViceVersa also leverages the uniform’s unique design via illusions, mirroring and reflections. The uniform celebrates the pink and blue gradient, which has been a staple in all of the previous Vice campaigns,” the team said in a press release.

Some fans complained it made them nauseous to watch the team play in the kaleidoscope of colors, but the players seem on board with the hues. When asked what he likes about the uniforms, Heat guard Goran Dragic said, “How it looks, the colors, the fresh new looks. Just the colors popping out. People around the world are asking for those jerseys and I think they’re something special.”

“I think the uniform is really pretty,” said Heat rookie Precious Achiuwa. “I like the mix of the colors. Over the years, you watch guys like D-Wade and all those guys even last year wear those jerseys, and it’s just a lot of excitement on days those jerseys are worn.”

The uniforms are certainly one of a kind, and originality is hard to come by in sports jerseys given that the NBA has been around since 1946. Why not stand out on the court with an unconventional color palette? Ultimately, though, what fans want to see isn’t what the players are wearing but how they can dominate the game. Wear pastels if you want, but don’t forget to bring the heat!

Cover Photo: NBA

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