NBA Debuts With ‘Say Her Name’ Jerseys Worn by Players Who Demand Justice For Breonna Taylor

Say her name. It’s Breonna Taylor. And the police who murdered her still haven’t been arrested. Or even fired. This fact is still causing outrage, months after her death, along with the many other deaths that have led to the Black Lives Matter movement. More and more celebrities are speaking out, and it was recently revealed that, once the season starts, multiple NBA players will be wearing jerseys with various messages promoting equality, justice and more. Many of those jerseys will be emblazoned with the words “Say Her Name,” in honor of Taylor.

“I think [basketball] is a distraction from what’s going on in the world,” All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell stated. “But when the job calls, you have to go to work. Now it’s on us to go out there and push this message as much as we can.”

“It should be about Breonna Taylor,” Mitchell continued. “Her killers still haven’t been arrested.”

The important thing to note about this movement is that the messages of peace and equality and justice will actually be replacing the players’ last names on their jerseys. This is a huge move, as it symbolically unites each individual who is losing their “identity” in order to promote awareness. And, really, that’s pretty amazing. These players have a medium to spread a message, they have a voice and they are making it heard in an extremely selfless, inspiring way. Perhaps other sports leagues will take notes and maybe, just maybe, the cops who killed Breonna Taylor will finally be brought to justice. But the only way for that to happen is if all of us, sports hero or not, clasp hands, stand tall, stick out our chests…

And say her name.

Cover Photo: Pool (Getty Images)

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