Inventive Beer Tap Customizes Alcohol Levels So We’ll Be Just as Drunk But Have to Pee More

There are currently more than 8,000 breweries in the United States alone. This explosion of brewing has led to a lot of experimentation and some really delicious, high-alcohol content beers. We’re always down for nice triple IPA or a bourbon barrel-aged stout. It’s just that if they’re in excess of 12 percent ABV, we’re probably only going to drink one or two. We wish we could drink more, but we don’t want to end up passed out face down in a random lawn. If only there was a way to enjoy our favorite beer with a lower ABV. Well, there actually is.

It’s called Alcohol by Choice and it’s a non-alcoholic beer mixed together with flavorless alcohol. Created by BrewVo by Sustainable Beverage Technologies, the system is designed to serve high-quality beers with as much alcohol content as you want. Using the brand’s NexDraft Tap System, you select the amount of flavorless alcohol you want, and it’s mixed with beer and carbonated water. The result is a beer at whatever ABV you can handle. You want to drink a tasty beer without any alcohol? Go ahead.

This makes us wonder if people will just end up drinking more because they believe they have control over the alcohol content. Inevitably, they’re just going to end up as drunk (if not more so) and having to pee even more because you’re drinking a lot of liquid. The positive is that if you drink a few higher ABV beers, you can pace yourself with a few non-alcoholic beers — although this only works if you actually have some semblance of self-control.

Photo: Cavan Images (Getty Images)

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