Brews News: New ‘Game of Thrones’ Beers Prove Good Things Never Really Die

Photo: Mikkeller/HBO

Between 2011 and 2019, there were few television shows with a larger fanbase than ‘Game of Thrones.’ Even though the final season was a bit of a dud and turned off many fans of the show, most are still eagerly awaiting the ‘House of the Dragons’ prequel set to hit HBO Max in 2022. Since they’ll still have to wait a while to see the beginning of the Targaryen family story, they need something to do in the meantime. How about drinking some ‘Game of Thrones‘ beer?

What if we told you it was ‘Game of Thrones’-themed beer? Fans know that there has already been GOT beer made by the likes of Brewery Ommegang. Now, Danish brewery Mikkeller is getting in on the dragon, night king, sword-based brewing game.

The brewery teamed up with HBO on a multi-year deal to launch a handful of different beers and the first one, Iron Anniversary IPA, hit store shelves in April. Now, they’re set to drop three more this week. They are Night King Double IPA, Ghost Visions Lager, and Castle Black Stout.

The Night King Double IPA is an 8 percent ABV double IPA made to pay homage to the leader of the white walkers and the army of the dead. Ghost Visions Lager is a 4.5 percent ABV crisp lager made for Jon Snow’s dire wolf. Castle Black Stout is a potent, 11.3 percent ABV bourbon-barrel-aged imperial oatmeal stout made to pay tribute to the castle inhabited by the protectors of Westeros, The Night’s Watch.

The trio of beers will hit store shelves throughout the world this week. All three will be available at select retailers beginning October 15.


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