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Meanwhile in India: Man Dies After Gluing His Penis Hole Shut, And Now Our Worst Nightmares Are Real

Everyone knows safe sex is important. Not only can it keep you from contracting STIs, but it also prevents unwanted pregnancies, which can honestly put a damper on an otherwise exciting sex life. This is why one Indian man took matters into his own hands when he found himself horned up, high, and without a condom.

Indian Times reported that 25-year-old Salman Mirza made a deadly mistake when he tried to forego using a condom by gluing his penis hole shut with epoxy. Mirza and his fiance checked into a hotel in Gujarat, India where the couple purportedly got high and then decided to have sex. According to a senior Ahmedabad city police officer, when Mirza realized he didn’t have any form of protection available, he took some glue and sealed his penis shut.

Not only that, according to officials, the couple also apparently mixed the glue with whitener and huffed it to help them get in the mood. It apparently did the trick as Mirza was found by a friend, passed out, outside the hotel the next day. That friend helped him home, but Mirza’s condition deteriorated, as one’s does when their penis hole is glued shut.

Mirza died from multiple organ failure – reportedly caused by the adhesive. His family has asked for an investigation into his death to confirm if this was the case. Regardless, this is a good time to remind everyone out there with a penis that condoms are a safe form of birth control, gluing a penis shut is not. Even if it can’t kill you, it’s definitely not good for your penis.

Cover Photo: Anut21ng (Getty Images)