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Meanwhile in India: Man Croaks After Using DIY Contraceptive During Sex (At Least He Died Doing What He Loved)

We’ve all been there: you’re in the heat of the moment and realize you don’t have a condom. You’re suddenly forced to decide: forgo sex or plow ahead (quite literally) without protection. You know the latter could result in unplanned pregnancy or an STI, both of which would suck to suffer through. But what if there were another option, like a DIY contraceptive? Would you try it? What if it meant risking your life?

That was the case for one 25-year-old man named Salman Mirza, of Fatehwadi, India. He and his ex-fiancée went to get it on at a flophouse (first bad sign of many) in the Juhapura neighborhood of Ahmedabad. Lacking proper contraception, they applied an epoxy adhesive to his junk. Both drug addicts, they also mixed the epoxy with “whitener” and inhaled it to get high.

The next day, an acquaintance discovered the man near an apartment complex, lying unconscious among the shrubs. The acquaintance took him home, but his condition deteriorated rapidly. He was rushed to Sola Civil Hospital, where he died due to multiple organ failure. Yikes.

So the next time you have the crazy idea to use a chemical off-label or whip up a homemade spermicide and slather it on your member, remember this story – then go get a proper condom. No orgasm is worth dying for.

Cover Photo: Jirsak (Getty Images)



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