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Condom Sales Surge Along With Sex Optimism (Now We Just Need Someone Crazy Enough to Do It With Us)

Americans are getting Covid vaccinations in droves, but it’s not because they’re looking forward to going back to the open-office environment of the pre-pandemic times. Nope, they want to get laid. And as they fantasize about reviving their moribund sex lives, they’re taking precautions to make sure they don’t end up with a sexually transmitted infection or an unplanned pregnancy. That’s a long-winded way of saying: condom sales are surging.

While last year saw a 4.4. percent drop in male condom sales, a four-week period ending April 18 of 2021 saw a 23.4 percent increase in prophylactic purchases compared to 2020. Americans spent a whopping $37 million on rubbers during that time.

Condom brand Durex confirmed that it’s seen a jump in sales in markets where social distancing restrictions are being loosened. CVS said that its condom sales growth was “substantial,” though it did not provide specific figures (boy, does that sound familiar…) and the makers of Trojan condoms said 2021 looked “promising” for condom sales.

“An even more eagerly awaited bounce back of sales is in the condom category as condoms mean pleasure. Eighteen-to 24-year-olds can’t wait to get their social lives back,” said Britta Bomhard, chief marketing officer of Church & Dwight, the company behind Trojan condoms.

While these figures sound intriguing, the fact remains that you can buy all the condoms you want – it doesn’t mean you’ll find anyone crazy enough to have sex with you. Or maybe there is something to these wishful purchases. If you buy it, she will come? Here’s hoping, for all our sakes.

Cover Photo: mikroman6 (Getty Images)

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