First FDA-Authorized Condoms For Anal Sex Come in 54 Different Sizes (Consider Us Aroused and Confused)

There are already a ton of condoms on the market, so why anyone would need one more to deliberate over awkwardly at the drug store is beyond us. But apparently, people have been clamoring for a more effective rubber made specifically for anal sex — and they finally got it.

For the first time ever, the FDA has given a stamp of approval for prophylactics designed for up-the-butt lovin’. Sold under the brand ONE Condoms, they have been proven to help reduce STI transmission during anal sex with an astonishing failure rate of less than 1 percent. For those keeping track, that’s way more effective than traditional condoms, which have a failure rate of around 98 percent.

Oh, to be a participant in that study! 252 men who get it on with dudes and 252 men who do it with the ladies partook in 4,884 sexual acts using these condoms.

But even more mind-blowing? They come in 54 different sizes.

Now we’re just confused. We understand XS-XXL, or even condoms sold in a variety of inches, but 54 sizes? How many would we have to try before finding the right fit? Not that we’re complaining. That could be a fun little DIY study all of its own…

Cover Photo: ONE Condoms



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