Man Who Married Sex Doll Cheats on It With Ashtray, Doll Technically Entitled to Half His Cheeto Crumbs and Stolen Underwear

For, Yuri Tolochko love really is blind, and if it’s not blind it’s definitely without boundaries. You might remember Yuri for being the Instagram beefcake who married his sex doll Margo in a lavash ceremony last November. After nearly a year of wedded bliss together things have started heating up between Yuri and another inanimate object, a working ashtray from a local club.


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Even though Yuri had noticed the ashtray, it wasn’t until he’d arranged a photoshoot with it that he realized there was… chemistry between them. In an Instagram video where he caresses the smoking receptacle, Yuri explains what happened between the two saying, “This is a big ashtray in a smoking room in a club. At first, I just arranged a photoshoot with it. But then it began to attract me. I wanted to touch it again, smell it. I love its brutal scent, the touch of metal on my skin. It’s really brutal. I also like that it has a story, that it’s not new, that it has served many people and continues to serve them.”

However, Yuri has no plans to make an honest… ashtray out of the cigarette bin. In fact, what attracts him to it in the first place is the job it does. So he’ll only be asking to have it on loan if the club obliges him. Yuri does have some slight technical adjustments he’d like to make on the ashtray, which includes adding an artificial vagina into what he calls the “tube hole.”

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Trouble between Yuri and Margo began late in 2020 after the two were married. Margo began suffering from female problems that prevented her from being able to consummate their marriage. Still, the two remain together, and not even because of their kids, since dolls can’t have any.

Yuri’s preference for inanimate objects as partners is commonly referred to as agalmatophilia, which is a kind of kink where people become sexually aroused by an attraction to statues, dolls, mannequins, and/or other similar body shaped objects that are typically nude.

Cover Photo: @yurii_tolochko (Instagram)