Game of Drunks: 6 Top Cocktails for the ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale

Photo: HBO

As the Game of Thrones series finale nears, things have really started to heat up (nudge nudge) in King’s Landing. And with only one episode left, the potential number of butts that may end up sitting on the Iron Throne is really dwindling. Things are going to get so crazy in Westeros that you might want to make like Tyrion Lannister and grab a drink. But, when enjoying the finale of such an iconic show, only the best cocktails will do.

That’s why we sent our ravens to the far corners of Westeros from the edges of the Narrow Sea to the snowy, body-covered fields of Winterfell to find the best cocktails to sip on during the last moments of the HBO spectacle.

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