Meanwhile in Airports: Woman Goes Through Security Wearing Nothing But Mask and Bikini Brings New Level to Flying Friendly Skies


We’re all for comfort in the friendly skies. But to us this means comfortable, stylish sweats and maybe a neck pillow if the flight is going to be longer than a few hours (we have to get some shut-eye). It doesn’t mean shorts, sandals (with or without socks), and it definitely doesn’t mean a bikini. In fact, you’d assume if you tried to go through security that scantily clad, they wouldn’t even let you through. Well, you’d be wrong and there’s a video to prove it.

The most interesting thing about the video in question is that there is so much mystery around it. On the basic level, there’s a woman casually walking through the airport wearing nothing but a bikini. It was posted to an Instagram account called @humansofspiritairlines. We can only assume the title of the account means that there are a ton of interesting photos and videos that revolve around the discount airline.

The video is simply of a blonde-haired woman wearing a green bikini and a backpack with the caption “When you have a pool party at noon and a Spirit Airlines flight to catch at 4pm.” While we have so many questions like where is she going and why is she only wearing a bikini, at least she’s wearing a mask. So, there’s that.