Meanwhile in Denver: Drunk Naked Woman Walks Through Airport Asking People Where They’re From, Puts the Friendly Back in Our Skies

These days, if you hear an airline-related story, it’s probably a bad one, likely involving physical violence or other obscene acts committed by awful travelers in-flight. But this story straight out of a Colorado airport is a little more light-hearted – and puts the “friendly” back in our skies.

A naked, possibly inebriated woman recently strolled through Denver International near Gate A-37 around 5 a.m., stopping to make small talk with fellow travelers.

“How are you doing? Where are you from?” she asked jet-setters.

This didn’t go on for long before the cops showed up and tried to shroud her in a blanket. Her response? Laughter. At one point, she even started running. (Now that’s a sight for sore eyes.)

According to a report, paramedics were called code 10 (which means it was an emergency response) and the woman was taken via ambulance to University Hospital to be treated for an “undetermined medical episode.”

We don’t know what that means, but we do know that one thing that’d make flying more fun and less stressful is if nude greeters became a part of airline hospitality procedures.

Photos: CBS 4 Denver



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