Alaska Airlines Flight Returns To Anchorage After Passenger Strips Naked

Photo: David McNew/Getty Images

I usually take some NyQuil before an overnight flight in hopes that I can get a few hours of shuteye, but it appears as though others are taking some kind of ecstasy and laundry detergent combination that is making them do pretty much the exact opposite these days.

According to CBS News, Alaska Airlines Flight 146 was supposed to take off from Anchorage at 1:25 a.m. Wednesday morning and land in Seattle at approximately 5:52 a.m., but the pilot decided to turn the plane around and head back to Anchorage after a passenger decided to strip naked and lock himself in one of the bathrooms.

“There was a subject on the aircraft that had barricaded or locked himself in the bathroom, the lavatory,” airport police Sgt. Darcy Perry said. “Flight attendants did find that the subject was naked.”

Why that video was sent to KTVA 11 in Anchorage is anybody’s guess, as it shows neither the passengers getting naked or anybody else bitching and moaning about it.

The other 177 passengers reboarded the plane and made their way to Seattle more than three hours after they were forced to land in Anchorage and deplane. One of those passengers told KTVA that the passenger didn’t seem to be in his “right mind.”

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