Brews News: The Strongest Beers You Can Soak Your Liver In

Photo: Yuri_Arcurs (Getty Images)

Recently, a Minneapolis brewery pushed the envelope by creating a 40-proof beer. That’s just what we need. To clarify, that means the beer itself is 20-percent alcohol, by far the strongest compared to your average brews, which have around a 4 to 6-percent ABV. Let’s just say if you’re drinking this beer, your new nickname might be One & Done (or something much more embarrassing).

Technically a “brewed spirit,” this high-alcohol beer, Boozehound, is a collaboration with local watering hole Parlour Bar and is brewed with bourbon mash, fermented as a beer, matured in bourbon barrels, and served as an Old-Fashioned. But it’s not the only way to whet your summer whistle. We’ve gathered together the strongest beers you can actually buy, you know, so you can avoid them when you see them (wink).

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