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Let’s Kick This Pig! New Bacon Patch Reduces Cravings When You’re Jonesing For a Strip

We’ve all heard of (or used) patches for various reasons. There’s a patch for birth control, a patch to stop you from smoking, and now there’s even a patch to get you off the most invasive, tormenting, horrible, consuming vice in the world: bacon. That’s right, you can finally kick your pack-a-day pork habit because a vegan food company just created the world’s first “meat patch.” Your days of craving delicious meats are over. Bring on the tofu and seitan because we’re all going meatless with the help of science.

Well, we aren’t (we love meat too much), but if you’re someone interested in trying a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, Oxford professor Charles Spence and Irish vegan food brand Strong Roots have developed a wearable patch to curb your enthusiasm for meaty goodness. Similar to a nicotine patch, this meat-centric patch is infused with the smoky, rich smell of bacon. Supposedly catching a whiff of sizzling bacon is supposed to stop your cravings. We’re not scientists by any means, but we believe constantly smelling bacon would just make us want it more. Come to think of it, writing about the smell of bacon is making us want to go fry some up right now.

According to Spence, various studies have shown that the smell of bacon on the patch actually does stop your cravings in their tracks. “Our sense of smell is strongly connected to our ability to taste; therefore, experiencing food-related cues, such as smelling a bacon aroma, can lead us to imagine the act of eating that food. Imagine eating enough bacon and you might find yourself sated,” he told The Telegraph.

The patches are currently being tested in various stores in England. Here’s hoping they become available in the U.S. so we can at the very least enjoy the soothing smell of bacon every time we lift our arm. In the meantime, enjoy these bacon-centric GIFs.

Photo: Strong Roots

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