Tofu Salesman Allows Car To Hit Him As Part Of Scam

Photo: PinkBadge (Getty)

There are a ton of scammers out there, people who are willing to do anything to get money from innocent people. And unfortunately, some folks fall for it. But don’t worry, karma sooner or later gets the scammer, and that’s why I’d like to believe that karma will catch up to this idiot who literally walked into a moving car as part of a scam.

Here’s how the incident is described on YouTube:

“This video is about a man selling silken tofu trying to scam motorists by pretending to be hit by their car. He will then just ask for money from the innocent motorist who really believed that they hit him, instead of being brought to the hospital and be checked by a doctor.”

So he either really wants to sell his tofu or it’s simply an insurance scam. Either way, check out the video below to see this dude’s terrible acting:

Man, he just kept rolling on the street. You would think that attempting to sell your product would be a tad less painful than allowing to be hit by a moving car, but hey, everyone has their choices. Let’s hope other people don’t fall for this ridiculous scam. Let’s also hope that people don’t decide on a tofu turkey this year for the holidays.

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