Brews News: Busch Family Gets Own TV Show (No, Not That Busch)

In 2020, it seems like everyone has their own reality show. In fact, if you don’t have (or haven’t appeared on a) reality show, then you’re probably not as famous as you thought you were. Now, we’re inundated with Real Housewives and Teen Mom everywhere we look. It only makes sense that this year, one of the most famous families in the country will finally get their own reality show. We’re talking about the Busch family (no, not the presidential Bush family).

If you’re unfamiliar with the Busch clan, then you’re probably a teetotaler or live under a proverbial rock. Does the name Anheuser-Busch ring any bells? Yeah, that family. Busch Beer and all the other brands of frothy goodness. The show is centered around Billy Busch, the great-grandson of Anheuser-Busch founder Adolphus Busch and his family. This includes his wife Christi and their brood of seven children living on a 700-acre estate.

Not surprisingly, the show The Busch Family Brewed will air on MTV. We’ll get 10 episodes of this docuseries to get to know the family that built the well-known beer brand. So go out and grab a sixer of Budweiser because the first (and hopefully not last) season begins on March 5. To prepare you for the inevitable rowdy, debaucherous goings-on, check out these GIFs of some of our favorite reality show moments.

Photo: MTV

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