Reality Show Contestants Return From Year In Wilderness Only To Find Out The Show Has Been Off The Air For 7 Months

Photo: Channel 4

A year well spent, right?

If you were looking to binge the Channel 4 English reality-survival show, Eden, you can forget about it because it’s been off the air for seven months. Oh, but everyone knew that except for the actual contestants .

Eden was a show that took 23 people and sent them off to live in the remote Cul na Croise Bay, in Ardnamurchan in the Scottish Highlands. While there, they wouldn’t have contact with the outside world, and were expected to start a self-sustaining society. But don’t worry, they would have their own cameras to film themselves for the year they would spend there. Because no one else would be watching them as it turned out.

Why? After only four weeks the show was axed due to poor ratings and it being super boring. And you would think that the ten remaining folks that were left would be told there wasn’t a show anymore, right? Nope, no one told them, so they kept up living in the wilderness as if the show was being aired.

Photo: Channel 4

Photo: Channel 4

How the hell does this happen? And who was running this show? No one apparently.

According to local resident Maria Macpherson, “In the end the show was a joke…Some of the participants were even seen in the dentist at Fort William needing treatment after eating chicken feed grit.”

Channel 4 has no explanation for this, but they have said that the show will return to television at some point this year.

Well then, I’m sure no one will be looking forward to that, as they can just watch Survivor season one again.

If you’re interested in what you were missing, here’s a clip of the show.

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