7 Shows That Got Weird And Went Way Off The Reservation

Photo: ABC

You thought you knew your favorite TV shows. That was right before they went way off the reservation. Back in the greatness of the ’90s, the whole point of TV was to lull us into a relaxing routine of reliable TV and a false sense of happiness. But when shows pull the rug out from under you and toss curveballs in, our only question is simply this: Why?

We know there are struggles with keeping cast members, writing for a decade straight about the same boring shit, trying to boost ratings when they’re down and keeping them up when they’re rarely high. But that doesn’t mean you need to turn Family Matters into a sci-fi show or give us more David Lynch than our brains can handle.

With that said, we carefully selected seven shows that went way off the reservation and turned our regularly scheduled programs into a bit of a freak show. Watch and learn, then remember and cry all over again inside.

7 Shows That Got Weird And Went Way Off The Reservation

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