8 Revived Shows That Should Have Stayed Dead

Photo: FOX

Renewed television is the latest sign of entertainment’s desperation, capitalizing on nostalgia by running it into the ground. Why do we love some of our older favorite shows from a decade or three ago? Because they transport us to better days, whereas these revived shows just bring our best memories and favorite hit TV shows and drop them right into our miserable world. We wish they could have just stayed dead, whether it’s because we don’t want them ruined, or we already hated them enough.

Now, we won’t spoil all the fun yet, but let’s just say all of these revived show are fairly recent TV rebirths, along with more on the way, including Rosanne, which is tough to imagine considering the way they left things with John Goodman. But what the hell, they brought back The Apprentice, a show we already despised because of its main character. Welcome to 2017, where no TV show is safe.

Note: We took it easy on Prison Break, since one of our own is an avid viewer, so don’t be mad when you see who we replaced it with at the end (sorry, David Lynch).

8 Revived Shows That Should Have Stayed Dead

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