The 13 Best Nostalgic TV Shows to Make You Feel Better (Now That You’re Out of Netflix to Binge)

Have you capped out Netflix? Countless hours of browsing have led you to a finish line forged by the absurdity of Tiger King; cooped up in your rank domicile, waiting out coronavirus, that bizarre documentary made you feel a little less batshit. What now? It’s not like you have any intention of cleaning or reading a book. No. It’s time to embrace the comfort of nostalgic TV shows

Those of us born between the 1980s and early 2000s have an affinity for laugh tracks and studio audiences; channel surfing framed our formative years. When we weren’t stuffing our faces at Chubbie’s or TPing the principal’s house, we were tuning into the TGIF programming block, a magical place where tranquility superseded storylines. Sure, the sitcoms and TV shows we grew up on had depth and character development, but what we remember is hearing those themes songs and catchphrases while messaging our crush on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). Like Tiger King, these shows, sorted oldest to newest, make us feel better. 

Cover Photo: NBC

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