8 TV Shows That Went on Without Their Main Act (Including ‘Billions’ After Damian Lewis’ Departure)

Billions fans all over the world were bummed to hear that Damian Lewis’ appearance on the season five finale (which found his character, Bobby Axelrod, on the run from the law in Switzerland) might be his last on the show. While Lewis has said that his contract was only ever for five seasons and he didn’t want to renew it, others wonder if the death of his wife, actress Helen McCroy, from breast cancer earlier this year also played a part in his decision to bow out.

Regardless of his reasons for departing the popular Showtime series, this isn’t the first time a TV show’s lead has left before the final curtain call. As they say, “The show must go on” – and these are eight of them that did so without their star.

Cover Photo: Showtime