joe vs. carole

Mandatory TV Battles: Which TV Couple Is More Addictive, Pam and Tommy V. Joe vs. Carole

In this edition of Mandatory TV Battles, we’re exploring the world of recent biographical TV dramas with Pam & Tommy and Joe vs. Carole. On the surface, both these TV series couldn’t be more different in terms of their content. However, when you look closer, they share a surprising amount of similarities. Both are revenge stories, they both have salacious undertones, and they both deal with cycles of abuse & female trauma. And while series deal with real-life stories that are scandalous and unbelievable, they are both surprisingly grounded in their approach. But how do does Joe vs. Carole stack up against Pam & Tommy? Let’s find out!

Cover Photos: Hulu and Peacock

We never thought that we would have to write this, but…(sigh) Joe vs. Carole is actually pretty well made. The more that you start to compare the two, the more the similarities start to take shape. While both shows try to meet similar ends, the means to those ends are flawed in significantly different ways. It’s hard to call either Pam & Tommy or Joe vs. Carole amazing shows, but they are both effective in different ways. Flawed, but interesting is the best way to describe both series (yet worth a watch, if you’re bored). As much as it pains us to say, Joe vs. Carole is the more bingeable series, mostly because it is less uneven.

Overall Winner: Joe vs. Carole


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