Beer Brand Wants to Send You on a ‘Flight to Nowhere,’ All You Have to Do Is Oversleep, Get Lost, Contract COVID and Go Home

Has COVID got you down? Is working from home or venturing out into the world to work during the pandemic starting to really grate on you? If you’re anything like us, you’re probably looking for a change. You’re also not likely to book a trip anytime soon and who has time for a road trip in the fall? At this point, you probably don’t even care where you go as long as you can go somewhere (literally anywhere) with somebody else planning it. Luckily, Natural Light wants to help with your wanderlust with a flight to “nowhere.”

They’re calling it the “Natural Flight” competition. With the contest (that runs until Oct. 20), Natty Light is going to fly one winner and three friends (hopefully they all quarantine before) to nowhere. And by nowhere, we mean the flight will take off from their local airport, fly around for a while and land back at the same airport three hours later.

While you literally don’t go anywhere, this isn’t your normal coach-class flight. You won’t be crammed into a seat with your knees up to your chest while you stare at a broken screen showing three 1980s movies on a loop. This private jet is equipped with flat-screen TVs, video game systems, tons of tasty food, and a lot of Natural Light beer.

“Whether it’s concerts or life on campus, cancellations have become an unfortunate new normal for our fans these past six months,” Daniel Blake, vice president at Anheuser-Busch, said in a press release. “So, we’re offering the chance for the ultimate change of scenery to our fans, who now more than ever, deserve some excitement back in their lives.”

If you think this little trip into the friendly skies is the perfect respite from your quarantined life, you can enter by writing what you would name the Natty Light plane while using the hashtags #NaturalFlight and #Contest on social media. We suggest the Natty Daddy or the Regret Jet.

Photo: Natural Light

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