India Apartment Pipes Flow With Booze Instead of Water, Modern Day Parable Comes True

For some of us, the thought of turning on our kitchen faucet and finding alcohol flowing instead of water seems like a dream come true. But what if when you put your cup underneath the stream to catch the booze, you realized it was oily, stagnant, and smelled horrendous? Yeah, you probably wouldn’t be too happy about having disgusting, dirty, brown water flowing from your taps. Well, that’s exactly what happened in an apartment block in the state of Kerala in southern India last week.

Also, since we’ve established that alcohol flowing from faucets is actually horrible, it should be noted that it wasn’t like it was just one spirit. It was a dingy, muddy mixture of rum, brandy, and beer. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably totally confused as to how all this could happen. And no, it’s not the basis for Chance the Rapper’s new Punk’d revival. The alcohol made its way into the drinking water after seeping into the well that provided water for the community.

Yes, we know this just creates even more head-scratching. You see, back in 2014, the state became dry and a local bar was housing more than 1,500 gallons of expired booze. They decided that the best way to dispose of it was to dig a big hole and dump it all in. (Makes sense to us.) What they didn’t expect was that it would find its way into the local well. So, now people who live in the adjacent apartment are stuck with faucets that are pouring a grimy, stinky version of a cocktail consisting of muddy water, rum, brandy, and beer. We’re sure by now someone somewhere has come up with a cocktail referencing this strange story.

Photo: NataliaSokko (Getty Images)

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