Mandatory Mezcal Battle: Cranston’s Dos Hombres vs. Clooney’s Casamigos

Tequila’s sister spirit mezcal has become Mexico’s No. 1 booze in recent years. This has lead to a wave of new mezcal brands introduced into the U.S. market in the last few years, including celebrity brands. Today we’re pitting George Clooney’s Casamigos against Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s Dos Hombres in the first-ever Mandatory Mezcal Battle.

Cover Photos: Dos Hombres and Casamigos

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In this battle of celebrity mezcal brands, which one is better? We couldn’t decide. While taste is definitely up to the individual drinker, to truly know which reigns supreme, you’ll just have to grab a bottle of each and do a taste test. We recommend pairing them with a viewing of the classic film Three Kings and a few episodes of Breaking Bad.

Overall Winner: Tie

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