Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Ditch Blue Meth For Smoky Mezcal, Breaking So Goddamn Good

While people expected a Breaking Bad reunion with Bryan Cranston amidst the Aaron Paul movie rumors, they’re not wrong. It’s just not exactly what they expected. It’s mezcal, it’s Dos Hombres and it’s breaking so goddamn good.

The classic chemist and his methamphetamine understudy may or may not be suiting up together again in the Vince Gilligan coming attraction, but the two had a much bigger bonding experience when traveling outside the Mexican village of Oaxaca three years ago. They searched far and wide, much like you would for a Sudafed replacement, only to find the right mezcal, the best mezcal, to suit their Hei(senberg) standards. And it’s available now.


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