Drink Like a Rock Star With These Musician-Made Whiskeys

Celebrity-driven brands are hot in the spirits world, with the likes of George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, and Conor McGregor all becoming immersed in the booze business in the last few years. But, of all the famous faces behind popular tequila, gin, rum, and whiskey brands, there seems to be one type of celebrity more associated with spirits than others: musicians.

Rock singers, country crooners, and even rappers have all joined the whiskey business in the last few years and it’s obvious why. Music has been connected to partying for as long as microphones and guitars have existed. Also, with the rise of streaming music and the decline of CDs and records, why would a musician want to spend their hard-earned cash on boxes of high-end whiskey when they could just make (and sell) their own?

Cover Photo: picture alliance (Getty Images)

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