Tequila Barrel-Aged Beer Will Turn Cinco de Mayo Into a Real Fiesta

Photo: camaralenta (Getty Images)

Cinco de Mayo is almost here. Do you know which cerveza you’ll be partying with?

If not, Founders has a new option that might entice you. The Michigan brewery is releasing Más Agave, an imperial lime Gose aged in tequila barrels. It’s beer, if that wasn’t clear.

Clocking in at a potent 10-percent ABV, this one is definitely a sipper but goes great with any Cinco de Mayo festive foods (tacos, churros, chimichangas, and nachos). Then maybe you don’t want to wake up on May 6 and wonder why it feels like someone bashed your brain around like a piñata. But only maybe.

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This exciting new hybrid beverage made us think about the tequilas we’d use to age beer.

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