Mayonnaise Slices Perfect Example of How a Nightmare Becomes a Night Terror, Maintains Grossest Condiment Status By Far

For most of us, spreading mayonnaise on a slice of bread isn’t really a daunting task that requires simplifying. It’s one of the most basic skills needed to create a sandwich. But, some ingenious inventors in Japan believe that we can cut out a few of those steps. That’s because they’re set to debut something they’re calling a “mayonnaise sheet.”

Created by the strangely named Bourbon Co. in Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture, these literal sheets of mayo will only be available in Japan. But, according to a press release, this item is part of the brand’s “easy cooking” series and is packaged similarly to what we know as American cheese. You grab a slice, peel off the film, and put it right onto your sandwich. No need for a knife or an annoying jar of mayonnaise. That should save us all about 30 seconds.

Photo: Bourbon Co.

This isn’t the first time a brand has attempted to make a “sheet” of a condiment. A few years ago, someone started a Kickstarter called “Slice of Sauce” where they planned to sell a slice of ketchup (it’s exactly what it sounds like) to easily add to a burger or sandwich. They raised over $30,000 but we honestly have no idea if you can actually buy it anywhere.

Apparently, the brand won’t just be selling mayonnaise flavor, either; they’ll have others including a “tuna mayonnaise sheet,” which sounds terrifying (and probably tastes even worse). This makes us wonder: are condiments going the way of slap bracelets and floppy disks? For our taste buds’ sake, let’s hope not.

Cover Photo: Carlos Davila (Getty Images)

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