Meanwhile on TikTok: Man Recreates Sandwiches of History, Boy Have Things Changed

Photo: Tom Kelley Archive (Getty Images)

Take a moment to envision a sandwich. What does it look like? What ingredients are in it? Nostalgic eaters might imagine crunchy peanut butter and raspberry jelly on white bread. Others might imagine a grilled cheese, turkey club, or even the classic BLT. You probably don’t think of the English walnut sandwich, mushroom sandwich, or peanut butter and blue cheese sandwich. This is probably because these gag-inducing sandwiches are all from bygone eras and aren’t really consumed today. Luckily, one man is attempting to bring them back in all of their disgusting glory.

This man is Barry of @sandwichesofhistory on TikTok. While we don’t know his last name, we do know that he owns a few ancient-looking cookbooks from the early to mid-1900s (and also makes sandwiches suggested by fans). On his TikTok, he painstakingly recreates some of the terrible-sounding sandwiches from history that have unsurprisingly fallen by the wayside.

@sandwichesofhistorySmoked Oyster & Cheddar Sandwich ##fyp ##sandwichesofhistory @yarfen666 ##sandwichesofyourhistory♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

One such sandwich is the smoked oyster and cheddar sandwich. While we can definitely get behind the second half of the sandwich, the first part requires us to focus not to lose our lunch. The sandwich is as simple as it sounds. He begins by putting smoked oysters onto white bread. He adds a slice of cheddar cheese and tops it with the other slice of bread. That’s it. He actually seems to like the flavor, but we’re not convinced.

If you’re interested in watching Barry eat this sandwich, as well as other disgusting-sounding treats like watermelon sandwich, banana and mayonnaise sandwich, and sardine sandwich, follow him on Instagram or TikTok.