Sandwich Hotline Helps You Pick Which Arby’s Sandwich To Eat

Photo: Arby’s

If you’ve seen an Arby’s commercial in the last few years, you’ve been treated to the soothing voice of Ving Rhames as he explains that the fast food roast beef chain “has the meats.” He’s been in effective in convincing us that we can add bacon and drippy cheese to a roast beef sandwich the size of our heads to make it even more artery-cloggingly delicious.

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But now H. Jon Benjamin, star of Bob’s Burgers, is the new face of Arby’s. He’s teamed up with the company to start a “sandwich hotline” to help people decide what sandwich they should chow down on. The best part is that even though this is a goofy publicity stunt for the brand, the phone number actually works. Give it a try if you don’t believe us. The number is 1-833-44-ARBYS.

The reason Arby’s believes that this service is necessary is because, in recent years, the chain has branched out well beyond the iconic Big Montana. Arby’s now serves over 30 different sandwiches, including a Greek gyro, smoked brisket, beef and cheddar, and even a Reuben. Without the help of Benjamin, how can we possibly be expect to pick just one? It’s pretty much impossible.

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To use the service, all you need to do is dial the aforementioned number and you’ll be greeted by the voice of Benjamin. Obviously, the actor doesn’t have time to answer each phone call. He’s busy recording humorous voices for his various projects. Instead, you’ll hear a recording of the actor going through a list of funny questions designed to help you determine which sandwich is right for you. He uses a very unscientific way to figure out the best sandwich based on a variety of facts, including: your age, your hometown, your favorite sport, and the reason why you are visiting the roast beef chain (i.e. your birthday). It’s probably the best and easiest way to figure out what to eat.