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Weird News of the Day: Arby’s Manager Caught Urinating in Milkshake, But Are You Even Surprised?

There are certain fast-food menu items you’re never supposed to order. We know this because employees have ratted out their employer’s less-than-sanitary foods all over the internet. One of the top offenders is soft serve. Why? Because soft-serve machines are rarely cleaned, and mold often builds up. (That’s why you hear “the soft-serve machine is broken” half the time you pull through Mickey D’s craving a cone.) Now, you’ll never enjoy a milkshake again after hearing this story from an Arby’s.

That’s because an employee of the roast beef sandwich chain allegedly urinated in the milkshake mix. Even worse? He got off on the nasty misdeed. (Are we sure urine was the only bodily fluid in those milkshakes?)

Stephen Sharp, a night manager at a Vancouver, Washington location of Arby’s, confessed to cops that he enjoyed pissing in the milkshake mix while on the clock. Why did he admit to this vile behavior? Because he was being investigated for child pornography, and peeing in beverages for pleasure seems like a minor offense in comparison. That, and there was video of him caught in the act at Arby’s on one of his digital devices. Maybe he was going to start a TikTok account and make #specialingredientmilkshake go viral? We don’t know. Dude sounds seriously troubled.

Now onto the next chapter of this scuzzy story – trying to figure out who might have gulped down the contaminated milkshakes. Investigators say customers who purchased milkshakes at the 221 Northeast 104th Ave. Arby’s location on Oct. 30 or Oct. 31 should contact the Vancouver police. But only if they have a receipt (because who doesn’t keep those?!). We just have to wonder how they guzzled those milkshakes down without realizing they tasted kind of…tangy?

While it takes a special kind of creep to serve urine-soaked milkshakes to unknowing customers, we have to say: this can’t possibly be the first time it’s happened. It’s just the first time somebody got caught.

Stay safe out there, fast-food lovers.

Cover Photo: kaew6566 (Getty Images)