‘That ’70s Show’ Gets ’90s Spinoff, Reminding Us Every Decade More Terrible Than Previous One

That ’70s Show is getting a wardrobe change. Ditching the bell-bottoms and mohair sweaters for boot-cut jeans and Hypercolor tees, That ’90s Show reunites the cast of the hit sitcom for a new era of high school shenanigans.

For those who lived through the ’90s, it promises to return you to a simpler time before the rise of the internet and casual fascism, when kids’ biggest issues were which hair gel to use and how to buy explicit music from Tower Records.

For everyone else, it’ll be an education on how to score a six-pack and dime bag without the help of an app.

The new 10-episode series slated for Netflix centers around the teenage offspring of Eric and Donna (Topher Grace and Laura Prepon) as she heads to Wisconsin to stay with her grandparents for the summer of ’95 (when Clueless and TLC’s “Waterfalls” seduced America.) Soon young Leia Foreman settles into life inside the fabled basement and falls in with a motley crew of local kids who get into the kind of trouble youth (and sitcoms) are made of.

If a spinoff of That ’70s Show sounds familiar, it’s because it happened before. And yes, That ’80s Show famously crashed and burned midway through its first season on FOX.

This reboot, however, is hoping to recapture some of the original magic by placing previous stars Red and Kitty at the center of the new cast. Netflix is also shelling out to get the entire gang back to reprise their roles for the series kickoff. (Well, everyone except, ahem, Danny Masterson.) With this level of support, expect That ’90s Show to have the look and feel of the OG: A sitcom that made throwing an underage keg party as epic as anything in the Greek canon.

Release date TBD.

Cover Photo: Fox


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