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RANKED! The Best of Bruce Willis Movies (Thanks For All the Action Over the Years, Bruce!)

Only Bruce Willis can retire from acting and still have 10 movies coming out this year. The man is more than stubborn. He’s relentless, indomitable. You could even say his spirit is difficult to kill, improbable to terminate, or better yet, built to die hard.

Even in the face of aphasia, a crippling neurological condition that affects language cognition, Willis has been putting up more numbers lately than he has in his entire career. Sure, he was dabbling in the Nic Cage school of acting, with VOD projects that underwhelmed audiences. But who cares? Dozens of mediocre films may lower Bruce’s batting average, but they can never take away from the majesty of a rarefied screen legend and the classics he starred in.

And few movie stars made as many classics as Bruce Willis.

Despite Willis rounding out his career with 144 film credits, narrowing down his best roles wasn’t hard. Because when you’re in some of the best movies ever made, they stand out from the pack. Now before we get all misty-eyed, we just wanna say thanks for all the action over the years, Bruce. You were one of the greats and you will be missed.

Without further ado, we give you the best of Bruce Willis.

Cover Photo: Universal Pictures


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