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Bruce Willis Retires, No Yipee Ki-Yays Today

Today we lower our hats to a legend. Bruce Willis, the man with 125 movies under his belt, is retiring from the biz. His family broke the sad news on Instagram, citing a battle with aphasia (a condition that robs the brain of speech pathways) as the reason for Willis’ departure.

Willis has always been a helluva guy. It wasn’t long before Manhattan’s favorite bartender turned heads when he began acting off-Broadway in the 1970s, eventually landing the role of private dick David Addison Jr. in the hit sitcom Moonlighting. Though his film career started off with roles like “Man entering diner” and “Courtroom observer” it quickly ventured into leading man territory thanks to his magnetic screen presence. Then came the Yipee Ki-Yays.

Die Hard was a game-changer. Often categorized as a Christmas movie about a man trying to reconcile with his wife after a terrible argument (that just so happens to have a terrorist hostage situation in the middle of it), the action flick was a box office smash and established Willis as a new kind of hero. A vulnerable blue-collar guy who won on loyalty and determination alone.

That rare quality led to a slew of classic roles, including the mousy husband in Death Becomes Her, the ill-fated savior in 12 Monkeys, the unlikely hero in The Fifth Element, and the noble boxer in Pulp Fiction.

For friends and fans of the beloved actor, the news is heartbreaking. The iconic Willis livened up every scene he was in with his uniquely piquant screen presence and will be greatly missed. More to follow.

Cover Photo: 20th Century Fox


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