Ranked! Nicolas Cage Movie Roles Now That He’s to the Point of Playing Himself

Photo: Lions Gate

Ever since the cult classic television series ‘Community’ had an episode where movie-obsessed Abed loses his mind attempting to determine whether Nicolas Cage was a good or bad actor, we’ve wondered the same thing. While it doesn’t take away from how much we enjoy his madcap, over-the-top screaming, wild eyes, and scene-stealing acting, we honestly have no idea if the “Con Air’ and ‘Face/Off’ star is actually a good actor or if he’s simply playing himself.

While we might never know the truth, we do know that we finally get to see Nicolas Cage in his most exciting role to date, playing himself. That’s right, Cage will be playing himself in the soon-to-be-released film ‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.’

This makes us wonder about the best, most insane acting performances ever given by the ‘Adaptation’ star. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites, ranked by just how out-of-bounds the performance was.