Ranked! The Most Anticipated Movies of 2022 

Ranked! The Most Anticipated Movies of 2022 

Well, we’re here—it’s the beginning of a new year. Best of luck to you and all of your soon-to-be-abandoned resolutions in a year looking to restore the entertainment industry to its former glory.

2020 was like a misguided night out. In 2021, the box office nursed its wounds and began to recover—from No Time to Die to Spider-Man: No Way Home—which grossed $1 million worldwide in less than a month (and without the help of China). It would seem the death of movie theaters was a myth and Warner Bros.’ HBO Max release strategy wasn’t the best idea. TBD. 

Now, a slew of hotly-anticipated reboots, remakes, and sequels are scheduled for release in 2022. For example, Nicolas Cage is finally set to play himself and Avatar is apparently still a thing. Courtesy of COVID-related delays, some (mostly Tom Cruise movies) have been waiting in the ether for what seems like years. While audiences remain eerie of a crowded multiplex and sticky floors, theaters are about to give them a litany of reasons to mask up. Here are the most anticipated movies of 2022. 

Cover Photo: Warner Bros. 

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