‘Black Panther 2’ Director Ryan Coogler Arrested After Bank Teller Mistakes Him For Robber, Georgia Takes New Voting Laws For Early Test Run

Like most people, Ryan Coogler assumed that when he walked into his bank to withdraw some money, he wouldn’t be hauled away in handcuffs. But the Black Panther director had another thing coming when a local bank teller assumed he was there to rob the bank. (Innocent mistake or ultimate Karen move?)

Coogler had been filming Black Panther 2 (the highest-grossing film of all time for a black director), in the bustling production town of Atlanta when the incident occurred. While stopping at a Bank of America to pay one of his staff members, the Oakland native ran into some trouble when he handed a note to the bank teller. Wishing to be discreet about the $12,000 he was withdrawing, Coogler had filled out a bank slip ahead of time with a hand-scribbled note on the back asking for the exchange to be hush-hush.

Of course, now we know what happens when you hand a bank teller a note. Despite Coogler providing all the correct credentials, the bank teller feared she was being robbed and quietly called the police. Moments later, authorities arrived and escorted Coogler from the premises.

Watch the entire exchange below:

As you can plainly see, Coogler was frustrated at the way things went down. But ever the coolheaded dude, he was quick to accept the bank’s apology, stating, “This situation should never have happened. However, Bank of America worked with me and addressed it to my satisfaction and we have moved on.”

So, water under the bridge, right? Don’t bank on it. 

We wouldn’t be surprised to see Black Panther 2 add a new scene involving a bank withdrawal gone awry. After all, it would be the perfect shade-filled Easter egg to drop on Bank of America and their Jim Crow-inspired customer service.

Cover Photo: Rich Fury (Getty Images)