Meanwhile in Burbank: Psychic Who Did Impromptu Stand-Up at Movie Theater Failed to Predict This Was a Truly Terrible Idea

If you claim to be a psychic medium, you should have access to knowledge that the rest of us don’t. At the very least, you should be able to tune into your intuition enough to know when something is a truly stupid idea. So forgive us if we happen to be questioning the powers of one Tiffany King, a psychic medium who went viral for footage of her recent impromptu stand-up set at a Burbank, California, theater.

The clip, posted by Twitter user Charley Damski, included tidbits of jokes like “all the moms in NorCal thought I was a stripper” and “I joined the all-Black gospel choir” (King is white) in addition to her singing.

The 42-year-old, who calls herself a “momic,” told Buzzfeed that when the projector broke at a screening of The Lost City, her 8-year-old daughter dared her to tell a few jokes.

“I’m a single mom. I can’t get up there every night like a lot of comedians,” King told Buzzfeed. “But my kid dared me, and I’m not gonna say no to my kid.”

We’re pretty sure that kid regrets her dare now. Because this performance looks downright painful – though King insists it was a “victory against misogyny.” It was only a minute long, but that was long enough for another female movie-goer in the theater to groan, “Put us out of our misery” as King walked back to her seat.

“Listen, I didn’t kill it, but I’ve bombed harder than that before. Comedy is a muscle, you have to work at it, and that was a good workout for me,” King told Buzzfeed. “I’m sure people were judging me, but that’s what the world does now, right? But I get it. People were there to see Channing Tatum. They weren’t there to see some chick in a tight dress tell jokes.”

Exactly. So why is King now saying that she wants to make pre-movie stand-up sets her “shtick”? “I think it’s a great idea,” she said. “Get a warm-up comic for movie theaters.”

We have a better idea: no comedy without consent. You’re welcome, movie fans everywhere.

Cover Photo: Twitter