John McClane Returns For ‘Die Hard’ Battery Commercial (Besting ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ In A Matter Of Minutes)

The first time we met John McClane in 1988’s Die Hard, he was the quintessential, wise-cracking action hero. The last time we saw John McClane, he was navigating a lackluster fourquel, 2013’s A Good Day to Die Hard (“Yippee Ki Yay, Mother Russia!”).

Now, John McClane returns in “a new chapter” in which he “faces off against old foes and crosses paths with old friends. From fighting his way to Advance Auto Parts to racing against the clock to install his new DieHard Battery – McClane will stop at nothing, to start his car again.”

That’s right, Bruce Willis reprises his role as New York City’s favorite policeman to promote DieHard batteries in a commercial that rivals his Seagrams Golden Wine Coolers spots from the ’80s.

It’s actually way better than that. The two-minute spoof easily bests A Good Day to Die Hard and probably any prequel/Disney+ series we may be getting in the future. Dubbed “Die Hard is Back,” the new ad features a revitalized McClane (crawling through air ducts like it’s 1988), classic baddie Theo (Clarence Gilyard Jr.) sporting his signature white sweater, and Argyle the limo driver (De’voreaux White). Bullets, fisticuffs, and explosions, oh my! The commercial ends with Argyle attempting to steal McClane’s iconic catchphrase, “Yippee Ki Yay.” Check it out below.

DieHard batteries have been around since 1967, so it’s surprising it took this long for the brand to snag Willis. However, it makes sense that this would happen in 2020—the year of Murphy’s Law. This advertisement was a good thing (said no one ever), but it could’ve been better. Unfortunately, Alan Rickman passed away in 2106; a Hans Gruber appearance in Die Hard Returns would’ve broken the internet. Regardless, we’ve never been so excited about car batteries in our entire lives. 

Cover Photo: Advance Auto Parts

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