Gilbert Gottfried Reciting ‘WAP’ is the Perfect Soundtrack of 2020

2020 sucks, right? Like, we can all agree on that? We’re not going to say it’s the worst year of all time, just ’cause of, like, the Crusades and the Black Plague and the Great Depression and what not. Still, though. This year has been a bummer and it’s not looking up any time soon. But, at least we have “WAP” by Cardi B. We’ll always have “WAP.” And, now, thanks to modern technology (and, let’s be honest — sheer boredom), we have also been gifted the, um, gift of Gilbert Gottfried reciting the aforementioned “WAP.”

We know. We didn’t know we wanted this until we had it, either. But now we do and, to be perfectly honest, we couldn’t think of a better soundtrack to 2020.

For those who may not know who Gilbert Gottfried actually is, he’s been a comedian-cum-actor for decades and he has a very…distinctive voice. He’s appeared in many notable films, such as Problem Child, Problem Child 2, and even Problem Child 3. Classic movies, BTW. At least the first two. Millennials may know Gottfried as the voice of Iago, the wise-cracking parrot from Disney’s animated Aladdin film. But, thanks to “WAP,” from this point forward we are choosing to remember him simply as the voice of 2020.

Cover Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

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