Miley Cyrus Says 7-Year-Old ‘Wrecking Ball’ Feels Like a Lifetime Ago, 2020 Says It’s Been Centuries

Miley Cyrus released “Wrecking Ball” in the thick of her metamorphosis. In addition to songs like “We Can’t Stop,” “Drive,” and “Adore You,” “Wrecking Ball” was a dramatic departure from Cyrus’ days as Hannah Montana singing “The Best of Both Worlds.” Not because of its lyrics or personal backstory or Liam Hemsworth-related implications, but because of its music video.

From licking sledgehammers to swinging naked on a wrecking ball, the titular music video demolished the chains strapped to the performer’s Disney Channel persona. The video pushed sexual boundaries, was sad, vulnerable, and will follow its artist forever—hate it or love it, countless memes/parodies were made. As of 2020, “Wrecking Ball” has been viewed over a billion times on YouTube. Cyrus recently took to social media to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the sexiest job site in human history (and perhaps the most unqualified forewoman).

Feels like a lifetime ago…” To say that the world has changed dramatically in the last eight months would be an understatement. Things like music videos don’t make the waves they used to…OK, Cardi B’s “WAP” did just blow up the internet. But still, 2013 feels like at least a century ago. The world was a different place; where Disney stars embracing hedonism (like the average bear) not only surprised us but was breaking news. We clawed, we chained, our hearts in vain, and we jumped, never asking why. The years since have come in like wrecking balls. We have bigger things to worry about than a child star riding circular steel.

Does anyone else remember “Party in the U.S.A.”? So I put my hands up, they’re playing my song…

Cover Photo: Black Dog Films

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